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Dino's Bar: Oldest Bar on Gallatin

Dino's Bar: Oldest Bar on Gallatin

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Nashville’s Dino’s Bar is a dive bar with a gritty character, yet cozy ambiance. She does it all.

And the best bar about this dive? It was opened in 1910, therefore has the claim as the oldest bar on Gallatin. You can’t beat a hundred years of history.

Dino’s Bar is the place to go when you do not have a lot of money to your name. Where else can you get a Pabst for $1.50? There is a downside to the cheap beer; the variety is non-existent.

Pair your beer with a hand-made burger. Don’t expect it out quickly; this is not fast food, after all. But, it is worth the wait. You will be glad you waited the extra twenty minutes once you have tasted the masterpiece.

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