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Quick Easy Shopping Tips

Purchase ingredients that can be used in a variety of dishes in bulk, in order to minimize waste and save money.

Quick Easy Cooking Tips

Do all your prep in advance, and use three bowls: one for all your ingredients, one for all your prep, and one for all your refuse. Staying organized can help you put out meals faster.

30-Minute Dinner Recipes

Get dinner on the table in a half-hour or less with these quick and easy recipes.

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Classic Shrimp Scampi

We can't get enough of shrimp scampi! Do we love it because it&rsquos simple but seemingly fancy? Or because it&rsquos done in 30 minutes? Or because we just can&rsquot resist a buttery wine sauce? All of the above!

Turmeric Chicken Flatbread

Turmeric is popular in smoothies and juices, but we upped the ante and used it to season boneless chicken thighs. Mixed with pumpkin pie spice, it makes a flavorful seasoning for boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Served on top of crispy naan and drizzled on a tangy yogurt sauce, you've got a complete meal in just 20 minutes!

Sweet and Sour Glazed Shrimp

You won't believe how easy it is to get the perfect balance of flavors for this shrimp. Just mix Chinese plum sauce, ketchup and rice wine vinegar.

Sesame Pork Milanese

Pounding the pork chops thin helps speed the cooking process, allowing you to pull this whole dish together in just 30 minutes. If you don&rsquot have a meat mallet you can use a heavy skillet, instead.

Chicken Scampi Pasta

Chicken takes the place of shrimp in this dish inspired by the Olive Garden classic &mdash making it even more weeknight friendly. This recipe gets you in and out of the kitchen in less than 30 minutes.

BLT Bean Salad

All the flavors of a classic BLT sandwich come together in this hearty bean salad. The homemade herb-mayo dressing adds freshness while the crisp bacon and croutons add a welcomed crunch. It's a great way to use up those pantry beans.

Indian-Spiced Pepper Steak

The secret to this quick dinner's Indian-spiced flavor is a mixture of warm, earthy spices with bright vegetables and hot peppers.

Hot Sausage Cast-Iron Skillet Pan Pizza

The key to a pan pizza is preheating the pan so the dough starts to cook right after it is placed inside. That'll help you get a super crispy crust on the bottom.

Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

Stuff corn tortillas with a cheesy Buffalo chicken filling for a mashup you'll crave again and again. It's an easy weeknight winner, thanks to rotisserie chicken.

20-Minute Sausage and Pepper Ravioli Skillet

We took the favorite Italian flavor combo of sausage and peppers and put them in an easy weeknight dish that can be on the table in just 20 minutes. Cook the store-bought ravioli and colorful sauce at the same time, then finish by heating them in the same pan. Melted provolone is the crowning touch.

Pork Chops Pizzaiola

Crispy Chicken Thighs with Caramelized Lemon Rinds

The next time you juice a lemon, don't toss the rinds! Instead, wrap them up and save them in the fridge, then make this easy chicken recipe. It works with zested lemon rinds, too. The rinds get cooked down with the chicken and maple syrup, resulting in sweet and tangy pan drippings designed for drizzling over everything.

Pretzel-Mustard-Crusted Pork Sliders

Playing off the classic pairing of pretzels and mustard, we've transformed the everyday pork tenderloin into something truly special. First, we slice it into thin cutlets. Then we coat the cutlets with an egg and mustard mixture and roll them in pretzel crumbs. Fried until crisp and tucked into adorable slider buns, they're topped with a creamy, tangy mustard sauce for an irresistible weeknight meal.

Escarole and Bean Soup

A hearty dinner doesn't need to include meat &mdash just ask Giada. This classic Italian soup is filled with tart escarole and hearty cannellini beans. A chunk of Parmesan is the secret ingredient that makes the soup silky and rich.

Stuffed Cabbage Cups

This fresh and faster take on classic steamed cabbage rolls takes half the time but does not sacrifice on flavor. It's also a cinch to prepare, with no fussy filling and rolling each cabbage leaf before cooking. Instead, the sauteed filling is simply scooped into boiled cabbage leaves and topped with a creamy tomato sauce before serving. It's a meaty, hearty and completely satisfying meal for a busy weeknight.

Ravioli with Lemon, Peas and Pancetta

We love a good quick-fix dinner &mdash like this one, made from packaged ravioli. We elevate the pre-made pasta by creating a simple, homemade sauce with lemon, butter and cheese. Peas and pancetta make it a meal.

Best ever 15-minute recipes

This fresh, crunchy salad, topped with soft hunks of salmon, is finished off perfectly with a tangy buttermilk and chive dressing – and it's on the table in a quarter of an hour. We have more great healthy salad recipes here.

15-minute pasta recipe: gazpacho sauce spaghetti

Ready in just 15 minutes, this simple pasta recipe sees spaghetti tossed in a smooth yet fiery gazpacho-style sauce.

15-minute high-protein recipe: chorizo, roasted red pepper and pea frittata

Liven up your frittata with chorizo and a kick of chilli, then pop under the grill until puffed and golden. Dinner will be ready in no time. Plenty more frittata recipes here.

15-minute gluten-free recipe: kohlrabi and crab salad

Check out our punchy Thai salad recipe with white crabmeat and kohlrabi. This simple salad is easy to make, low in calories and ready in just 15 minutes.

15-minute fish recipe: salmon with pesto crust

Salmon makes a great 15-minute meal as it cooks so quickly. Check out our recipe for oven-baked crusted salmon with fresh pesto. This super quick and easy dish is low in calories and makes a great midweek meal. Here are our favourite easy salmon recipes to try.

15-minute Thai recipe: 15-minute vegan Thai green curry

Creamy, delicately spiced Thai-style curry is a real crowd pleaser. Here, shop-bought curry paste helps you to get it on the table in 15 minutes. Check that the curry paste is vegan, as some contain fish sauce. Try our vegetarian curry ideas here.

15-minute vegetarian recipe: 15-minute mushroom and tarragon stroganoff

This super quick and easy mushroom and tarragon stroganoff makes for a great, healthy midweek meal, ready in just 15 minutes and under 300 calories. Try one of our top vegetarian recipes ready in under 30 minutes here.

15-minute chicken dinner: chargrilled chicken chimichurri salad

Want to use chicken in a 15-minute meal? Try our gluten free recipe for chargrilled chicken chimichurri salad. This quick and easy dish serves two and it's low in calories. Make one of our quick and easy chicken recipes here.

15-minute vegan recipe: quick moussaka bowls

Check out this easy alternative to oven-baked moussaka. Ready in just 15 minutes, these vegan bowls contain the flavours and textures of a slow-cooked moussaka, without the wait.

15-minute breakfast: Turkish eggs

Try these quick and easy Turkish eggs with crunchy sourdough for your next brunch – smoked paprika gives a smoky kick and a beautiful red colour. A speedy morning meal.

15-minute seafood recipe: kung pao prawns

A 15-minute stir fry with a lot of punch. This Kung Pao shrimp recipe is a really low-calorie stir-fry and is served in a homemade sauce with noodles or rice. The Szechuan peppercorns and chilli flakes add some spice to the prawns while the cashew nuts add a crunchy texture to the dish. Looking for quick stir fry recipes? We have plenty here.

15-minute lunch: garlic chilli clams on sourdough toast

Check out our easy, low-calorie garlic chilli clams with crunchy sourdough toast. This easy recipe is ready in just 15 minutes – perfect for an impressive weekend lunch.

15-minute Italian recipe: pasta alla genovese

Pasta alla genovese is a classic Italian pasta dish using simple ingredients. Ready in just 15 minutes, it's the perfect quick and easy meal to make midweek.

15-minute Greek recipe: Greek salad

Master this absolute classic and you'll never be short of a delicious, super-speedy lunch, ready in just 15 minutes. The key to an authentic Greek flavour is plenty of oregano and red wine vinegar.

15-minute meal for one: one-pan green chilli eggs with chorizo

This recipe for green chilli eggs with chorizo is really easy and just takes 15 minutes to make. It's perfect for a speedy meal for one – you can even eat it out of the pan to save on washing up.

15-minute low-fat recipe: chicken and pea broth

This super-quick chicken and pea broth recipe is ready in 15 minutes and is really low in fat. Great for a virtuous but tasty midweek meal.

15-minute lamb recipe: herb and polenta crusted lamb

Lamb cutlets are the best way to enjoy lamb in the week. Try them with this easy herb and polenta crust, all they need on the side is a watercress salad and a squeeze of lemon.

15-minute beef recipe: Taiwanese beef stir-fry

A speedy dish which doesn’t compromise on punchy flavours, check out Erchen Chang’s stir-fry with honey marinated beef.

40 Best Food Processor Recipes That Basically Make Themselves

Put your food processor to good use with these easy recipes for dips, appetizers, desserts and more.

When it comes to cooking up your favorite recipes, prep work can often be the most tedious part of all. That's where your handy food processor comes in: This magical kitchen appliance can chop, slice, mix, puree and anything in between! Luckily, if you're looking to save time and energy in the kitchen, these best-ever food processor recipes are as tasty as they are easy to make.

To keep kitchen prep to a minimum, simply pull out your food processor and let it do all the work, from chopping up veggies to mixing dough, shredding cheese and more. You can make everything from delicious sauces, dips and healthy soups &mdash and how could we forget all those indulgent desserts and baked goods? Whether you want to whip up a homemade pesto or make the perfect pie crust from scratch, try out these delicious food processor recipes &mdash including recipes for healthy lunches, easy dinners and even some tasty vegetarian and vegan options &mdash for a quick and easy, no-fuss meal.

Best Quick Easy Recipes - Recipes

Spend less time in the kitchen - and eat better too - using my recipes for quick meals using mainly unprocessed foods.

Welcome to my recipe collection! If you are looking for easy and healthy recipes, you have come to the right place!

I'm Ellen Gray, an ordinary busy mom. (Not a nutritionist. Not a skilled chef). I enjoy eating more than I enjoy cooking.

I want to feed my family nutritious foods. I want to make the most of my food dollar.

I know that using wholesome ingredients, in their natural state whenever possible, is the healthiest and most economical way to prepare food.

I've been hunting for years for easy and tasty recipes that are also nutritious, and I've collected my favorites here for you.

I've tested every recipe in my own kitchen. My family has enjoyed and approved every one. We've taken all of the photos, too.

Enjoy these easy recipes! Use them, modify them, and make them your own! Then get out of the kitchen and enjoy yourself!

Healthy Breakfast Recipes: Easy Breakfast Casserole, Muffin Recipes, Oatmeal Here are my favorite healthy breakfast recipes. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! (You were right, Mom!) Lunch Ideas: Easy Healthy Lunch Recipes For Work Or Home I am always on the lookout for tasty lunch ideas! Here is a collection of delicious and easy soups, salads, sandwiches and a few surprises. Lunch Box Ideas For Work Healthy School Lunch Ideas You can never have too many lunch box ideas! Here are some great recipes for healthy and delicious lunches that will delight every member of the family. Sandwich Recipes, Best Healthy Sandwich Recipes: Egg Salad, Cheese, Tuna, More If you have a good collection of sandwich recipes, you're always ready to make a quick lunch! Here is my collection of easy, healthy and tasty sandwich recipes. Bean Recipes and Legumes: Black, Pinto, Kidney Bean Recipes Lentil Recipes If you're wanting to add more fibre, nutrients and variety to your diet, you'll want to try these great bean recipes! Beef Recipes: Simple Meatloaf, Homemade Meatballs, Casserole Recipes and More Easy beef recipes using wholesome ingredients make it easy to get a hearty meal on the table quickly. Here are my favorite recipes for meatballs, meatloaf, beef casseroles and more. Chicken Recipes For Dinner: My Favorite Quick And Easy Chicken Recipes Looking for some new easy chicken recipes? Here are some simple recipes for meals that are quick, healthy and delicious! Fish Recipes: The Best Baked, Pan Fried, Broiled and BBQd Fish Recipes Here are my favorite fish recipes! Use fresh, frozen or canned fish to make delicious easy meals. Vegetarian Recipes: Lentils, Quiche, Rice, Beans, Veggie Burger Recipes And More Healthy eating is delicious when you have a collection of easy vegetarian recipes. Here are my favorites. Easy Pasta Recipes: Quick Easy Seafood, Meat And Vegetarian Pasta Recipes Easy pasta recipes are just what you need when you want supper on the table fast! Here are my favorites. Pork Recipes: Best Recipes For Cooking Ham, Pork Ribs, Tenderloin, Chops, More Here is my collection of easy pork recipes. They are delicious! Be sure to try the Honey-Garlic Ribs. They are amazing! quick easy meals When you need supper on the table fast, choose one of these recipes for quick easy meals. They are some of the fastest recipes I know. How To Cook Shrimp: Easy Healthy Shrimp Recipes Wondering how to cook shrimp? It's much easier than I thought! Here are some easy healthy shrimp recipes that will turn you into a shrimp-cooking expert! Egg Recipes: How To Make Scrambled Eggs, Deviled Eggs, Soft Boiled Eggs And More With a few good egg recipes, you'll be ready to make a quick meal at any time of the day. Here are my favorite ways to cook eggs - for breakfast, lunch, brunch and supper. Ways to Cook Potatoes: How To Make Mashed, Boiled, Scalloped Potatoes And More There are so many ways to cook potatoes - and I love them all! Potatoes are nutritious, economical and plentiful. Discover some new ways to prepare them! Rice Recipes: Fried Rice, Rice Pudding, Rice Pilaf, Sushi Rice Recipe And More Got rice? Here are my favorite rice recipes, as well as easy instructions for making the perfect pot of rice. Salad Recipes: The Best Homemade Potato Salad, Caesar Salad, Greek Salad & More Here's a collection of great salad recipes, from classics like Caesar Salad to new ideas like Shrimp and Mango Salad. Sauce Recipes: Tartar Sauce, Cranberry Sauce, Homemade Bbq Sauce Recipe And More A supply of sauce recipes is just what you need to turn your meals from good to awesome. Here are some of my favorites. Homemade Soup Recipes: Easy Lentil Soup Recipes, Miso Soup, Barley Soup, Vegetar With a collection of homemade soup recipes, you can make a delicious and filling meal in no time at all! There is nothing better than a pot of fabulous soup simmering on the stove on a cold day. Vegetables: Potato Recipes, Kale Chips, Butternut Squash Recipe and More Wondering which vegetables to serve with your quick meals? Here's everything you need to know. Easy Baking Recipes: The Best Brownies, Healthy Muffins, Cookie And Cake Recipes I have collected all of my favorite easy baking recipes on this page. I make these over and over. They are all easy and delicious - and they always turn out! Healthy Dessert Recipes, Easy Pie Crust, Best Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe Welcome to my collection of easy healthy dessert recipes! With these recipes, you can not only enjoy delicious desserts but feel good about indulging in them! Healthy Snack Recipes: Peanut Butter Balls, Kale Chips, Cheese Balls, Soy Nuts, We all like to munch. Having a good supply of healthy snack recipes lets you feel good about munching! Blender Recipes: Healthy Blender Drink Recipes, Mayonnaise Recipe And More If you have a unused blender collecting dust on a shelf, you really need to check out these great blender recipes! You won't believe how many tasty things can be made in a flash. Crockpot Recipes: Best Easy Crockpot Chicken, Beef, Soup, Stew Recipes And More A crockpot – and a supply of good crockpot recipes – is a life saver when you need supper on the table in a hurry. Here are my favorite easy and delicious slow cooker recipes. Food Processor Recipes: Pie Crust, Spreads, Salad Recipes For Food Processors With these easy food processor recipes, you can make impressive and delicious dishes in no time at all! Valentines Day Ideas If you're looking for Valentines Day ideas that are easy, healthy, and fun, you've come to the right place! Here are my favorite Valentines Day recipes. Picnic Food Ideas Easy Summer Picnic Recipes: Sandwiches, Snacks, Desserts Here are some easy picnic food ideas that taste great, pack well and look wonderful in a picnic basket. Summer Recipes: Easy Summer Salad, BBQ, Picnic, Dessert Recipes Summer wouldn't be complete without making my favorite summer recipes! Here are delicious summer salads, desserts, main dishes and more. Easy Halloween Recipes: Appetizer, Dinner And Dessert Recipes Looking for some easy Halloween recipes that are healthy too? Try these! Halloween food doesn't have to be full of sugar to be fun! Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas Looking for some great Thanksgiving dinner ideas? You've come to the right place! Here is a complete Thanksgiving dinner menu that is simple yet delicious. recipes for Christmas Here's a collection of my favorite recipes for Christmas - everything from how to roast a turkey to holiday appetizers to easy Christmas cookies. quick meal tips and tricks Cut your time in the kitchen even further by using these time-saving quick meal tips. Quick Meals Blog My Quick Meals blog will keep you up to date with the recipes on my site. Whenever I add another easy, delicious and family-tested recipe, you'll be notified! build a website Have you thought about building your own website? If I can do it, you certainly can too! Here's how I did it. about us How a sleep-deprived mom found quick easy recipes, fed her family healthy meals - and built a web site to tell the world! privacy policy Our commitment to protect your personal information. even more recipes Here is a list of even more recipes for great quick meals.

27 Fast and Easy Quick Bread Recipes

Quick breads are easy to prepare and bake, and they make a fabulous sweet breakfast or snack bread. Or serve the bread slices as a dessert. You can jazz a quick bread up with a dessert sauce or icing, or serve it warm with a scoop of ice cream.

When preparing the batter for a quick bread or muffins, combine and mix the dry ingredients thoroughly and then mix the wet ingredients in a separate bowl. Make sure you have your oven preheated and pans greased and ready. The instant the dry ingredients are mixed with the wet mixture, the baking soda and baking powder begin their work, so get it into the pans and oven as quickly as possible. Mix the batter gently and don't worry about little lumps an overmixed batter will result in a dense bread. If you use self-rising flour in a quick bread recipe, omit the baking powder and salt.

And don't worry about having too much. Leftover or dry quick bread can be used in bread pudding or layered desserts, like a trifle. Treat your friends and family with these excellent quick bread recipes.

24 Quick & Easy Family Meal Recipes

People are always on the search for quick and easy family meal recipes that still deliver delicious flavor. To keep your taste buds and your family happy, try meal planning! It’s a great way to plan out meals that your family will love and eliminate the post-work prep work. With Paula and her tasty recipes on your side, you can fit fun, flavorful meals into your busy schedule.

General meal planning tips:

1. Choose recipes you can cook in one pot, supplement with store-bought items, or enjoy without any cooking. Bonus points if the recipe doesn’t require a lot of chopping or other active preparation.

2. Complete any prep work that can be done ahead of time (chopping, grating, etc.) the night before.

3. Consider make-ahead or slow-cooker recipes.

4. Maintain a well-stocked pantry full of ingredients you feel comfortable using, such as dried spices, garlic, rice, or whatever your family enjoys.

5. Don’t abandon your staples. Most hungry eaters won’t turn down a good steak, giant sandwich, or even breakfast for dinner.

6. Plan your meals for the week, and create grocery lists based on each recipe. Then, schedule time each week to go grocery shopping, ensuring you aren’t missing a key ingredient come dinnertime.

7. Simplify your weekly meal planning even further with eMeals, an online meal-planning tool that provides customized dinner ideas and grocery lists that are perfect for your individual diet and needs.

Quick & Easy Dinner Recipes

Busy schedules require easy dinners with minimal prep and great tasting flavor. These quick recipes can help solve your next dinnertime dilemma—now that's a win the whole family is sure to be excited about!

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15-Minute Chicken & Rice Dinner

Ham & Cheese Chicken Parmesan

Spaghetti with Chunky Chicken-Vegetable Sauce

2-Step Cheesy Pasta Twists

Baked Chicken Cutlets Parmesan

Roasted Garlic & Herb Shrimp with Spaghetti

Open Faced Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches with Creamy Vodka Sauce

Classic Skillet Chicken Parmesan

Easy Spaghetti & Meatballs

Penne with Creamy Vodka Sauce

Fettuccine with Smoked Sausage & Mushroom Sauce

Easy Chicken-Vegetable Italiano

Super Easy Baked Pork Chops

Easy Skillet Chicken Parm

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Easy Quick Pickles

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Quick pickles are the simplest pickles to make and can last about a month in the refrigerator without any complicated canning steps. All you need to do is make a simple brine of vinegar, water, salt, sugar, and some toasted mustard seeds and peppercorns, then pour it over the vegetables. You can use almost any vegetable, like cucumbers, baby carrots, cauliflower, green beans, zucchini, or even okra, and after one day’s pickling time, they’re ready to go on your favorite sandwich or burger. Feel free to experiment with the brine by using different spices like coriander, dill seeds, or chile flakes.

What to buy: Don’t confuse packaged baby-cut carrots—which are mature carrots whittled into a smaller “baby” size—with fresh green-topped baby carrots. True baby carrots are tender, immature carrots with their skin intact.

Special equipment: You can use glass jars like these to make the pickles in. The wide mouth allows you to easily fit the vegetables inside, and the glass lets you see what you’re doing, as well as not absorbing any off odors from the pickles.

Game plan: If the baby carrots are smaller than 1/2 inch in diameter, you can leave them whole. Peeling them is optional, but make sure you give them a good scrub.

These pickles will last in the refrigerator for up to 1 month.

Watch the CHOW Test Kitchen’s Christine Gallary make these simple pickles in an episode of our Easiest Way video series.

Become a pickling master and learn our easy pickled Eggplant recipe, as well.

Food for a Crowd: History of the Potluck

Ah, the potluck. We've all probably been to a few in our day. Everyone brings a dish and shares in a meal together. Nice concept, but where did it come from? Let's take a look at the history of this tradition.

It began back in the Middle Ages as a term used to describe an impromptu meal one would serve to travelers or unexpected guests. In a time when very little was thrown out, these guests would be served leftovers or the "luck of the pot." On occasion, a potluck referred to a communal meal made by several people, where each cook brought something to contribute. This was usually thrown together in a pot and has been called "stone soup" and other variations over the years.

Americans adapted this tradition around the late 19th century and the concept of people each bringing a prepared dish to share took hold. Today, potlucks are held for all sorts of reasons. Holidays and other large, celebratory gatherings often prompt the need. Having a potluck is a super cost-effective way to provide food for a crowd, and in theory, everyone should have plenty to munch on and leave fully satisfied.

Potluck Hazards:

1. People with diet restrictions or allergies are more than likely not going to be able to eat much at a potluck.

2. Potlucks are often free-for-alls, which leads to duplicate dishes. Did you want 6 chicken casseroles? Because here they are.

3. Sometimes, no one is manning the event or the person in charge doesn't have the proper food-safety training. How long has that mayonnaise-based potato salad been sitting out? Yikes!

1. If you volunteer to bring food, make sure it's ready to serve when you get there. Don't bring something that will need to be defrosted or reheated.

2. Bring all the tools you'll need don't expect them to have tongs or a serving spoon.

3. Don't show up with a bag of groceries and expect to cook there.

4. If you don't want to cook, bring something else! Showing up empty-handed is bad etiquette. This is what store-bought fruit, veggie, and cookie trays were invented for.

5. If you are hosting the potluck and people leave their dishes with you. Make sure to wash and return them in a timely manner.

6. If you are attending a potluck, on the other hand, bring disposable containers when possible to avoid lost or broken dishware and easy cleanup.

Watch the video: 7 Recipes You Can Make In 5 Minutes (June 2022).


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