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More Than 100 People Lined Up for Tim Hortons on Christmas Day

More Than 100 People Lined Up for Tim Hortons on Christmas Day

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A man went for coffee and found the whole town in line


On Christmas morning a line of "at least 100" cars was spotted in front of a Nova Scotia Tim Hortons.

A Nova Scotia man who decided to nip out for some coffee and hot chocolate on Christmas Day was stunned last week to reach his destination and find “at least 100” cars lined up in front of the restaurant.

According to CBC, Lukas MacAulay of Truro, Nova Scotia, turned up at the only open Tim Hortons unit in town that morning and found “most of the town” had arrived before him and was already waiting in line. Dozens of cars were lined up from the Tim Hortons all the way down the road. Truro decided he did not need coffee badly enough to wait in the line, but he did stop to take a quick video on his phone, because he wanted to be able to show people just how wildly long the line was.

"The line was enough to turn me away," MacAulay said. "I just decided, 'No coffee for me' and I'd just take a video."

MacAulay said that normally 10 cars in the line would be a very busy day at that Tim Hortons, but it was the only one open on Christmas morning. He posted the video to Facebook, and it has since been shared more than 3,800 times.

"It's almost like everybody's addicted to the Tim's coffee. Home brewed just isn't the same thing," MacAulay said. "It was the only one open in town and we love our Tim's around here."


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