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Doing This Easy Form of Exercise Can Help You Lose Weight Faster

Doing This Easy Form of Exercise Can Help You Lose Weight Faster

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Research shows NEAT, non-exercise activity thermogenesis, is an often overlooked weight loss component.

In the wake of expensive, boutique fitness centers, it can be easy to believe you need a pricey membership or intense sweat session to lose those pesky pounds. Fortunately, that is far from the truth. More studies are showcasing the importance of NEAT—an acronym for “non-exercise activity thermogenesis”—for boosting weight loss and improving your overall health.

What is non-exercise activity thermogenesis, anyways?

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James Levine MD, Professor Of Medicine at Mayo Clinc, defines NEAT as “energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise.” Biking to work, taking the stairs at the office, gardening, taking the dog for a walk around the block, and even fidgeting are all examples of NEAT.

For those with desk jobs, it can be all too easy to remain sedentary for eight hours straight just to go home and sit again for several hours while watching television or reading. One study found incorporating NEAT principles into your daily life, such as standing more or taking short walks, can increase daily caloric expenditure by an additional 2000 calories!

How to incorporate NEAT into your daily routine

The simplest way to increase your NEAT and calorie expenditure is finding little ways to take more steps. Many of us aren’t able to walk to work, but we can take the stairs each morning, walk a few laps around the office throughout the day, or park farther away from your building each morning.

“Physical activity is also the steps you take to class, cleaning your house, taking the stairs, and life in general,” said Jessica Procter, a personal trainer in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. “Being physically active is a way of life, not something you engage in for an hour a day.”

Boost your walking game with these pro tips:

How much NEAT to strive for each day

10,000 steps per day is the standard activity goal we should be meeting per day, and if you can get even more, go for it! Finding ways to reach that goal of 10,000 or more steps will help you know how much NEAT your body needs each day.

Procter advises her clients to get 300 minutes of physical activity each week, or about 40 minutes per day. She said walking with a friend (your dog totally counts!) is an easy and fun way to reach that goal.

Other health benefits of NEAT

NEAT has shown to improve overall health and help relieve muscle soreness. Simply getting outside and spending time in nature has shown to relieve stress and improve mental health. Going for a walk has showed to improve heart health, curb cravings, and keep your brain sharp. One study showed that even if you split up your daily 40 minute walk into smaller, digestible increments (for example, walking for 10 minutes four times a day), you’ll still reap the benefits.

15 Most Effective Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

However, if you’re trying to lose excessive weight effectively and obtain results within a short period of time, then you need to choose your exercises cleverly. In this case, you must have a routine to enable maximum results and prevent wasting your time and energy.

Below you will find the most effective exercises to torch a consistent amount of calories. What matters in this endeavor is that you perform these correctly and stick to a regular, intensive schedule.

Squat Jumps for 10 seconds

Start by placing your legs about hip-width apart. Keeping your core tight, throw your arms and hips back at the same time. Swing your arms forward and jump up as high as you can. Land soft into a half squat before jumping again. And for more great workout advice, consider trying This 20-Minute Walking Workout to Get Fit and Burn Fat.

2. Raw Honey and Cinnamon Mix

  • Add the cinnamon to the cup of warm water, letting it cool down for about half an hour.
  • Mix in the honey with the mixture and stir until all ingredients are well-combined. Never put in the honey when your water is still hot or else it will render the natural enzymes inactive.

I&rsquove made it a routine to drink half the solution before going to bed at night, placing the remainder in a refrigerator and consuming it when I wake up early in the morning. The drink should preferably be taken on an empty stomach for the best results, it not only helps in losing weight without changing your everyday diet but also aids in cleansing the body.

Take the solution immediately after waking up, and wait for 30 minutes before having breakfast. When taken in the morning, raw honey and cinnamon drink can help boost your digestive system, thus revving up metabolism and increasing energy levels significantly.

Before Aerobic Exercise

I&rsquove made it a personal routine to take this homemade drink to lose weight fast before performing my daily aerobic workouts it matters a lot what you put inside your body before doing any exercise.

If you constantly feel exhausted after training, or just feel like you do not have sufficient energy to sustain a workout, then honey and cinnamon mix can give you the much-needed energy to push through your aerobic training.

Another way to make your cardio more effective with this drink is by not taking any food at least 30 minutes after performing the aerobic workout, and even an hour if that&rsquos convenient for you This will help the body burn more fat since it&rsquos not focused on processing your next meal.

A small study published in the 2008 Scientific World Journal investigated the effects of pure honey on cardiovascular risk factors, as compared to sugar. It also measured its effects on weight on a controlled group of obese and overweight people. The research found that the individuals taking honey lost about 1.3 percent of their overall body weight, which the scientists referred to as a slight reduction.

Exercise and Weight Loss

The number of calories you burn per session is important, but you also have to look at things on a larger scale. Doing one dance session per week probably won't make a big difference. If you want to lose weight, start by following the guidelines published by the American Heart Association (AHA).

The AHA recommends getting at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. That translates to two and a half hours. If you do 30 minutes of dance per day, five days per week, you're hitting the appropriate numbers.

In addition to weight loss, there are other health benefits you can get from regular exercise, including the following:

  • Lower risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.
  • Better sleep.
  • Improved brain function and memory.
  • Stronger bones.
  • Improved mental wellbeing.

You can try hip-hop dance for weight loss, but it may or may not work. As discussed earlier, there are two sides when it comes to the energy balance equation: calories in and calories out.

Dance increases the number of calories you burn, but it won't offset the effects of bad eating. A September 2019 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that exercise alone might not be as helpful as you think, at least when it comes to weight loss.


The top 5 secrets I just shared are what you want to focus on the most if you want to lose weight faster on Weight Watchers. Here are some other fun ideas to consider to shake things up and keep your weight loss progress going strong.

  • Try a Blue Dot Challenge. In the WW app, the system will give you a blue dot for the day if you are within a 10 point range of your daily points. In WW Connect (the WW community on the app) people do Blue Dot challenges. These are things like trying to get a certain number of Blue Dot days in a row or a whole month of blue dots. These are fun and motivating.
  • Find your community. Research supports the fact that weight loss happens best in community. Whether it's a WW Facebook group, finding new friends on WW connect, or attending workshops. We all need a supportive community. You can join the Weight Watchers Freestyle Recipes, Ideas and Motivation Facebook Group to connect with other like-minded people.
  • Find your motivation. I love reading people's before and after stories for extra motivation on a tough day. you can read my 100 pound weight loss story here, find WW success stories on Instagram, WW Connect, or even in WW magazines or books.
  • Pre-track. I mentioned this above, but I highly encourage pre-tracking which is planning your food the day before. This might seem restrictive but I actually find this quite enjoyable. Each evening I plan out the next day's meals and snacks and put them right into my WW app. Then the following day, I simply follow my plan, making adjustments here and there as needed.
  • Add exercise. If you aren't currently exercising, consider adding walking, swimming, or other regular activity into your lifestyle. You don't need to do crazy-tough workouts to see a benefit. In fact, extreme workouts can often work against you because they drive up hunger, but a brisk but steady walk will burn calories without significantly increasing appetite.
  • Try eating more protein, healthy fat, and vegetables and fewer carbs. While WW does not specifically have you keep track of micro-nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrate), more research is pointing to the fact that a diet higher in protein leads to less hunger and sustained weight loss. If you are struggling to lose weight or want to lose faster, try shifting the types of foods you eat to see if you see results.
  • Reduce processed foods. I think all of us can agree that we want to move to a diet that is mostly clean, real, whole foods. If your weight loss has stalled, this is a great place to focus your efforts. Swap chips, cookies, and cereals for real foods with 5 ingredients or fewer on the label, or better yet, foods with no label at all.

With these 5 insider tips plus the additional bonus strategies, you'll be at your goal weight before you know it.

What have you found helps the most with your WW weight loss? Share about it in the comments below.

Proper form

As always, it is important to ensure that you’re training with proper form. While there are different bikes, the standard form applies that you can then adjust to suit each bike type. Don’t underestimate how big of a difference little adjustments here and there can make, not only for your health and safety but also for your own comfort.


Before you even start pedaling, adjust your seat so that you can ride comfortably and without injury. A good starting point is to level the seat height to your hip height if you were standing next to it. Then, give it a go. You want to have the seat at a height which will allow for a slight bend in your leg when your foot is on the pedal, farthest away from your body.

Having a seat that is too low will put pressure on your knees. A seat height that’s too high will result in potential straining of the hips, feet and ankles.


Now, you need to look at how forward or backwards the seat should be. At the bottom of the stroke, the pedal should be parallel to the ground. Your knee should be over your front foot and slightly over. However, if it goes past where the shoelaces on your shoes are, then that’s you need to bring the seat back. On the other hand, don’t bring it too far back though because this will cause lower back and knee pain.


Not only does your seat have to be in the correct position but so does your pedal. This will help maintain the proper foot position as well. The ball of your foot should be over the center of the pedal with your heel level to it. Don’t let it drop lower or more commonly, lift it higher so that the toes point downwards.


The height of the handlebars depends on your preferences. Though, it’s good to remember that your handlebars should be positioned so that you don’t need to put too much of your weight on it and that your elbows should have a slight bend in it.

How many calories will you burn?

To lose one pound you need to burn around 3500 calories over your take in and both trainers and physicians agree that a combination of diet and exercise is the perfect way to get results faster. It is also recommended that you swim at least 2,5 hours every week when in process of losing weight, and an hour after that to keep the weight.

To burn 3500 calories means you need to swim for about 7 hours so it is an achievable monthly goal for most of us. so don’t give up and be consistent and the success will come for sure.

So how many calories you can burn per hour? that depends on your own weight and your swimming skills but on average a 154 pounds person burns around 500 calories per hour of swimming when a 200-pound person will burn over 630 calories per hour of swimming. So this is actually a good news for those who are a bit heavier as they will start to see the results faster and it might be an awesome way to stay motivated and keep at it!

Exercise Bike for Weight Loss

Weight loss requires burning more calories than you take in. To be more specific, the Mayo Clinic says that for every 3,500 calories you burn, you will lose a pound of fat.

Using that as a guide, you can plan to ride an exercise cycle for weight loss for however many minutes it takes you to burn 3,500 calories and assume that you have burned a pound of fat — as long as your diet stays the same.

Using estimations from Harvard Health Publishing, a 155-person should burn 260 calories riding a stationary bike at a moderate pace for 30 minutes. Therefore, a person weighing 155 pounds could lose 1 pound of fat riding a bike for a little less than seven hours. If you weigh less, you'll burn calories at a slower pace. If you are heavier, you'll torch more calories.

However, other things besides body weight, such as your sex, your age and your base metabolism, affect your calorie burn and rate of weight loss, too, which makes the 3,500-calorie rule an inexact measurement. Circumference measurements, body fat testing and simply noticing how your clothes fit are better indicators of your progress.

Drinking Protein Shakes After Exercise for Weight Loss

Most commonly, people consume protein after their workouts in an effort to replenish their depleted muscles. There's a short period of time after exercise, known as the post-exercise anabolic window, during which it's thought that consuming the right ratio of nutrients can lead to more impressive fitness gains.

However, research on the concept is inconsistent, according to a 2013 article published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Every body is different, and the timeframe for fueling tired muscles with protein may be larger than previously thought. There is little evidence to suggest that post-exercise is the optimal time to drink your shake.

Still, getting the right amount of protein can affect weight loss. Protein is a powerful nutrient for appetite suppression. According to a 2014 study published in Nutrition & Metabolism, a diet high in protein can suppress the hormone ghrelin, which plays a role in making you hungry.

While protein can help tamp down hunger, powders themselves don't cause weight loss. If you're replacing meals with shakes, you might lose weight due to the calorie deficit created, according to the Mayo Clinic. But relying on shakes is not without risk: Protein supplements don't provide all the nutrients your body needs and could lead to malnutrition.

On the other hand, if you overdo it on shakes in addition to your regular diet, you might actually experience weight gain due to those added calories. After all, protein supplements are intended to help build lean muscle mass. Make sure you're factoring those calories — roughly 100 calories per scoop of protein powder — into your daily meal plan.


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